Van Buren Public Schools

District Contact Information

Superintendent's Office (734) 697-9123 x1010

Mr. Peter Kudlak, Superintendent
Pam Johnson, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Human Resources Office (734) 697-9123 x1009
Abdul Madyun, Director of Human Resources
Debbie Leedy, Administrative Assistant
Curriculum Office (734) 697-9123 x1014
Jeff Moore, Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Debbie McWilliams, Administrative Assistant
Brandice Dorris, Pupil Accountant x1025

Special Services Office (734) 697-9123 x1016

Karen Johnston, Special Services Director
Marybeth Voigt, Administrative Assistant

Business Office (734) 697-9123

Shareen Barker, Director of Finance
Nicole Beckham, Accounts Payable x1013
Sara Cortese, Accounting x1015
Heather Templeton, Payroll x 1019
Buildings and Grounds Office (734) 697-9123 x1003
James Williams, Director of Buildings and Grounds
Deb Evans, Administrative Assistant
Steve Jones, Custodial Supervisor
Technology Office (734) 697-9123 x1012

Sean Garland, IT/Network Administrator

Herb Delgado, Technology Specialist
Jesse Johnson, Technology Specialist
Caleb Kennedy, Technology Specialist

School Contact Information

Belleville High School
Phone: (734) 697-9133
Principal: Stacey Buhro
McBride Middle School
Phone: (734) 697-9171
Principal: John Leroy
Owen Intermediate School
Phone: (734) 697-8711
Principal: Melissa Lloyd
Edgemont Elementary School
Phone: (734) 697-8002
Principal: Fred Abel  
Rawsonville Elementary School
Phone: (734) 482-9845
Principal: Delria Crippen  
Savage Elementary School
Phone: (734) 699-5050
Principal:  Lisa Preuss
Tyler Elementary School
Phone: (734) 699-5818
Principal: Aleisa Pitt
Haggerty School
Phone: (734) 699-2180
Building Coordinators: Karen Johnston