Belleville High School

Welcome to the Counseling Department

 Welcome to the Belleville High School Counseling Department!  All students have access to counseling services.

The vision of counseling in the district is to produce graduates who are career and college ready, know how to make positive choices and manifest the desire to impact their community and the world in a positive way.

The mission of counselors in the Van Buren Public School District is to provide academic, social, and emotional support to students as they grow and develop into lifelong learners.

Confidentiality Clause: 

A student’s right to privacy and confidentiality is the basis for an effective counseling relationship. Confidentiality ensures that school counselors won’t share students’ disclosures with others except when the student authorizes it or when there is a clear and present danger to the student and/or to other persons.

As counseling with a student progresses, it may become beneficial or necessary for the school counselor to consult and collaborate with parents and or other school staff. The parent, student, or the professional school counselor may initiate the collaboration process. It’s the school counselor’s responsibility to reach an agreement with the student about what information to share with parents or other school staff, unless, of course, there is a clear and imminent danger to the student or others.


BHS Counselors

Hannah Sabol
Counselor for the last names A-F:
Erin Radtka
Counselor for the last name G
and all of Belleville New Tech:
Rebecca Chinn
Counselor for the last names H-O:
Peter Fashho
Counselor for the last names P-Z:

College & Career Advising