Van Buren Public Schools Facility Use Procedure

To schedule the use of any Van Buren Public School District facility, please complete the online Application for Facility Usage as far in advance as possible (minimum of 14 days). All applications must be filled out completely. Incomplete applications will delay processing. If you need assistance you may contact the Facilities Use Coordinator at 734-678-8596 or email facilities@vanburenschools.net.

The Application for Facility Usage must identify a Person in Charge, along with their current address and phone number. All setups (tables, chairs, microphones, etc.) must be requested in advance. The Person in Charge must be present during the specified event on the application.

Facility Usage Application Form
Facility Use Calendars (to check possible availability)

The Facilities Use Coordinator will confirm that the facility you are requesting is available and fits within acceptable uses. The Facilities Use Coordinator may also contact you for further details or to determine if other services (set-up, audio-visual, security, food service) are required for your event.

Use Group Categories and Acceptable Uses

If the facility is available and the use is acceptable, the Facilities Use Coordinator will notify you that final approval will be granted upon receipt of payment of the rental fee. A permit will then be issued that must be presented by the Person in Charge at the time of rental. If you fail to present the permit at the time of rental, no access will be granted.

Rental fees are determined according to a rate schedule associated with the cost of making the facility available to users. Non-profit status will be verified before non-profit rental rates are applied.

Select a facility below for pricing guides:
Elementary and Middle Schools
Belleville High School (including BHS athletic facilities)
BHS Auditorium

If the facility is not available, the Facilities Use Coordinator will contact you.

Facility use payment must be paid in full two weeks prior to the event date.

If you must cancel your event, please call the Facilities Use Coordinator immediately. A refund of the facility use payment will be issued if cancellation notice is made at least 48 hours prior to the event.

**If school is cancelled, all facility use for that day is cancelled. Rental fees will be refunded or you may reschedule your use.

Event participants/guests are not allowed to move any furniture without permission from the Facilities Use Coordinator.

In the event that the use of any VBPS District property results in actual increased costs (such as additional set-up, maintenance, repair of damaged furniture, walls, equipment, cleanup, etc.), the cost will be billed back to the Person in Charge.

No pins, tacks or tape may be placed on walls, ceilings, woodwork, doors or windows. Doorways, hallways, corridors, staircases and fire exits cannot be blocked or obstructed.

VBPS District is not responsible for loss of any items left in the facility.

Drugs, Alcohol, Weapons and Smoking or use of any tobacco or nicotine related products are NOT ALLOWED in All VBPS District facilities or on the associated grounds.