Edulink Parent Portal

Edulink is our emergency calling system. Through this portal you are now able to edit and select at which phone numbers and email addresses you receive alerts and announcements. To use the Edulink Parent Portal you will need your MiStar Parent Portal PIN and password. If you do not have your MiStar Parent Portal PIN and password, please contact the school's office and give them your email address. Your email address will be added to your child's contact list and MiStar will generate and email new log on information.

To log on: Click the Edulink Parent Portal link. Use your MiStar username and password.

  • Please note: First time users will be asked to select a question and create an answer for security purposes.
  • Please note: The registration link on the log on screen is not used. All our parent accounts are already activated in the system.

MiStar Parent Portal

The MiStar Parent Portal is the window into your student's school day.

To gain access to Parent Portal contact your child's school and provide your email address to the school secretaries. Your account will be auto generated when your email address is added to your student's contact information.