Dear Students, Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to Belleville New Tech and the 2019-2020 school year! We hope that your summer has been relaxing and refreshing and that everyone is ready for an exciting school year. We look forward to a challenging and educationally rewarding year for our students in Belleville New Tech.

Over the summer, we have integrated our @bhsnt domain with the district @vanburenschools.net domain. All students and staff will now only use their @vanburenschool.net accounts and emails. This will make it very easy for students moving from BNT to BHS classes as they will only need to login to one account. All students should plan on creating their own email account prior to their graduation and move any work they wish to keep into their own personal accounts. After students graduate from BHS, their @vanburenschool.net accounts will be disabled prior to the beginning of the next school year. Students create many forms of work that they should keep for their own personal portfolio.

General back to school information is available at the Belleville High School website ( http://www.vanburenschools.net/o/belleville-high ) . 

Belleville New Tech

"New Tech Network (NTN) is a leading design partner for comprehensive school change. NTN works closely with districts and schools to create innovative learning environments. Through a proven school model, a project-based learning platform, and powerful professional development, we coach schools toward lasting change and ongoing improvement. New Tech Network is re-imagining education and the student accomplishments speak volumes."

--New Tech Network

At Belleville New Tech, our mission is to re-imagine teaching and learning through the integrated use of technology, the rigorous and relevant use of project-based learning, and a culture that is student-centric and based on trust, respect, and responsibility. We prepare our students for the future.

This school opened its doors in 2011 to a freshman class of 126. We are in our fifth year servicing grades 9-12. We focus on skills our students will need to be successful after high school. Skills like collaboration, oral and written communication, and agency, are taught alongside knowledge and critical thinking.

Student demographics match those of Belleville High School and Van Buren Public Schools. Students are chosen based on a stratified lottery.

Access Echo, our learning management system - echo.newtechnetwork.org. Need parent access to Echo? Please contact Mr. Wilsey at swilsey@vanburenschools.net