Basic Information:

Interact Club is a school organization that is closely tied to the Belleville Rotary Club. Our mission is to do good works on a local, national, and global level. Membership is open to any and all BHS students.

Meetings are held after school (2:40-3:30) on odd Mondays in Kidder's room (223).

Welcome to Honors US History and Geography

Hours 1,2,6 with Mrs. Kidder

This rigorous version of the required course of US history begins with the historical context and geographical implications of industrialization and imperialism and continues through a thorough analysis of events of the 20th century and the modern world. It is a literacy-rich course that uses historical content to develop, practice, and build student skills.

  Assignments for USHG & USHG Honors
Children's March
Night School

Lesson Plans for USHG & USHG Honors


Welcome to Pop Culture

The American History in Pop Culture course is an activity and project based social history class open to 9th-12th graders. This one semester course focuses on evaluation of social history through analysis of changes to American popular culture during the 20th century. Prior history knowledge or coursework is beneficial for success but not required.

  Assignments for Pop Culture

Lesson Plans for Pop Culture