Van Buren Public Schools

Mr. Jeff Moore, Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Phone: (734) 697-9123 x 1014
Ms. Debbie McWilliams,
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (734) 697-9123 x 1014 
Ms. Brandice Dorris
Pupil Accountant
Phone: (734) 697-9123 x 1025 

VBPS Office of Instruction

The Office of Instruction oversees the facilitation of the curriculum, instruction and assessment. We support school improvement initiatives and the North Central Accreditation (NCA) process. The department coordinates the development and implementation of the Pre-K through 12th grade curriculum, coordination and analysis of student assessment programs, the purchase of textbooks, the instructional materials selection and the coordination of professional development opportunities. 

VBPS Curriculum Highlights

High Levels of Learning for All Students

  • Carnegie Math Program Implementation Grades 7-8 and High School Algebra & Geometry
  • Everyday Math Program Implementation Grades K-6
  • World Language Implementation Grades 7-8
  • READ180 Implementation Grades K-12
  • Young 5s Program
  • Gifted and Talented Program Grades K-6

Curriculum Files