Our Mission:

To provide a high-quality, dynamic education that empowers every student to reach their full potential.

Our Vision:

To empower curious, collaborative, and creative leaders able to adapt to a rapidly changing global society.

We Believe:

  • Every student is capable of learning in varied ways. 
  •  Students and staff learn best in a positive, safe and respectful learning environment. 
  • A well-rounded education is essential to personal success and includes a blend of academics, arts, technology and student choice. 
  •  Learning is a lifelong process for all. 
  • High expectations for students and staff lead to greater achievement. 
  • Continuous development of partnerships among families, students, staff and the community is vital for our success. 
  • When staff learn and grow, so do our students.
  •  Education and leadership are enriched by diversity. 
  •  Students can be leaders in many different ways.