Things You'll Need:

Tax forms along with all financial records from 2016

  1. Visit the federal government's FAFSA website. Universities, colleges and Home high schools keep the FASFA paperwork on hand.
  2. Gather and prepare documents for quick and easy completion of the FAFSA. A “FAFSA on the Web" worksheet can help organize the required documents for completing the application and centralize information to one sheet instead of referring to many complicated documents. The worksheet organizes information like the Social Security Number, driver's license number (if applicable), federal tax information for the year leading up to the year of application, records of untaxed income, and information on other assets such as savings, investments and business assets.
  3. Fill out general student information such as Social Security Number, state of residence, degree information (if applicable) and marital status.
  4. Complete section to determine dependency status. Questions in this section focus largely on the income and assets of a student's parents. Specific inquiries about parents' income taxes populate Section 2 of the FAFSA and can largely affect the amount of federal financial aid a person receives.
  5. Finish the section on FAFSA which deals with parental information. Parents' income and tax returns largely affect the likelihood and amount of financial aid a student will receive from the federal government. Parent information can be confusing, see Mr. Bell if you are unsure about which parent you should use…
  6. Fill out the section on Student Finances. The FAFSA uses student tax information from the year leading up to the academic year to calculate the amount of aid for which a student is eligible.
  7. Acquire identification numbers for the schools where you wish to apply. College and university identification numbers are found on the FAFSA website. These numbers are also readily available by contacting the college or university or visiting an institution's website.
  8. Total the applicable earnings and tax return amounts as directed. The online application calculates the figures automatically.
  9. Submit the online application as directed.

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TIP (Tuition Incentive Program): The State of Michigan offers TIP (Tuition Incentive Program) for students with low incomes. Students are encouraged to attend participating colleges and the tuition will be paid by the state. If your family received assistance from the Department of Social Services, you may be eligible for this college program. Call the hotline at 1-888-447-2687.