Human Resources Announcements

Hazard Pay
VBPS has contacted all staff that we feel are eligible for the Hazard Pay grant according to the state guidelines. If you did not receive an email from HR, and you feel that you should have been eligible for one of the grants, please contact Abdul Madyun, Director of Human Resources at amadyun@vanburenschools.net. Thank you.

Van Buren Public Schools takes pride in our staff and the services we provide students. If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please click here to see what jobs we have available. 

VBPS Human Resources Mission & Vision

Human Resources Values

People - focused, matching and balancing the needs of our students, employees and
community with those of the district.

Respect – create an environment of respect for all, founded in equity, courtesy,
approachability, understanding, and responsiveness.

Integrity – the foundation for all that we do, promoting honesty and trust, open and
clear communication, confidentiality, and collaboration in an environment of teamwork.

Diversity – recognize and appreciate our similarities and differences, celebrating
diversity in people, philosophies, cultures, beliefs, and abilities.

Excellence – deliver quality and excellence by being knowledgeable, responsive,
consistent, engaged, and professional