Procedure for On Your Own Hours

For the 2020-2021 School Year, as part of meeting the 30 hours (5 Days) of district provided professional development, staff is required to complete 6 hours of professional development on their own.  The district believes this gives an opportunity for staff to cater some of their professional learning to their own unique needs.  

Below are instructions for the approval process.  To the left of this page, there are some resources and suggestions for ways to earn these hours outside of the school day.

In order to begin the activity, you must receive prior approval from your principal by completing the Staff Development Request Form. This can be found on our district website under the staff link or at the link provided below. Upon approval and completion of the activity, please complete the Staff Development Feedback Form. Again, this can be found on our district website or at the link below.

Many of you have completed hours prior to the first day of school, September 14, 2020 (i.e. Leader in Me, Tech Camp). If this is the case, please assume you have already been approved and you will only have to fill out the Staff Development Feedback Form.

Please note that On Your Own Hours cannot be included for hours that you would normally work during the day, including lunch, preps, and planning times. Time outside of the normal school day is acceptable as long as your building principal has approved the request!

Staff Development Request Form

Staff Development Feedback Form