COVID-19 Response 

VBPS Temporary Chromebook Program

Van Buren Public Schools is working to temporarily provide a Chromebook to families who currently do not have a computer or tablet of their own at home and would like one to support digital distance learning during the COVID-19 school building closures.

We have a limited amount of devices to handout.  Please only sign up if you have no computer or tablet at home so that we can provide as much support to as many families as possible.

If you have a student(s) at BHS or McBride who has a Chromebook from the district already, any younger siblings need to use that device. Follow this link for login instructions for your K-6 students.

Home internet service is required for the Chromebook to function.  If you do not have internet service alternative non-digital materials will be made available to you. In addition you can follow this link for information on Free and Reduced Internet Provider Offers.

Chromebooks loaned out through this program will be expected to be returned to the district in June pending the stay home/stay safe orders being lifted. You will be contacted with return details at a later date.

These devices are being provided at no initial charge.  Any damage, loss, or failure to return will result in the assessment of a fee.

Common Issues and associated fees:
Lost kit (Chromebook, charger, work-in case) - $205
Lost Chromebook - $175
Lost or damaged charger - $35
Lost work-in case - $30
Lost charger pouch - $10
Broken screen - $40
Broken keyboard (including single missing key) - $25
Broken charging port - $20

If you currently do not have a computer or tablet in your household you must sign up in advance to receive a Chromebook. Please have only one member of your family fill out this form to sign up for one. 

Van Buren Public Schools Chromebook Request.