Hey parents,

Are you feeling overwhelmed when it comes to Social Media and what is and isn't safe for your child?  This is a great article to help you with safety on social media!

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Are you tired of just sitting at home after school?  Now you can come "Hangout!"  Begins September 17- McBride students can go "Hang Out" in the BHS Media center after school on Mondays and Wednesdays!  A bus will be available to take students from McBride to the high school, but students must have their own rides home no later than 5:00 p.m.

Want a spot on the bus?  See Ms. Radtka.

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I would like to make you aware of the increase in the use of E-Cigarettes, Vapes, and JUULS among young people in our community.  Yes, we are even seeing it in the middle school at an increasing rate.  There are many myths surrounding these devices, including that it is just water, so it isn't harmful.  Please note that the toxins that are released from heating these vapors can cause severe lung damage, and the strength of the nicotine can be much stronger than in cigarettes, and therefore, much more addictive.  

I would like  to share some resources with you.  Please take the time to read the info, and ask your teens to share their opinions on vaping with you.  You may be surprised at how much misinformation our kids have about vaping.  



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If life is just "too much". If you feel like you're drowning...you can't breathe...Just REACH OUT! You can get help...and you can get through it!  Click here for help!