Welcome to Art!

My Art Students at Tyler and Savage have one or two 50 minute periods of direct art instruction each week. There will be many projects experienced during the year as we learn to work with various media, elements of art, and principles of design. Students will also learn about famous artists and their work as a way of studying the process, background, emotion, and passion that goes into various artworks. Such artists include Van Gogh, Picasso, Warhol, Monet, Haring, Matisse, and more. Student artwork will be displayed in the hallways of the school and virtually in our Artsonia art gallery online (Click HERE). As pieces are taken down from display, exceptional examples will be saved for consideration in our Van Buren Public Schools Elementary Art Show to be held each May. Parents are always welcome to stop by the art room to see what's going on, but be warned...you will have a lot of FUN!

Grading System in VBPS Elementary Art

I use the scale provided on the VBPS Student Academic Grade Report. This scale is divided into four levels of proficiency for each grade level. Students begin each school year at a new proficiency level and advance to higher levels based on classroom behavior, artistic expression, and quality of artwork. Students who are frequently absent or tardy will not receive a proficiency level but rather comments regarding what progress has been achieved. Grades are not entered for each art assignment, but artist statements and teacher comments in each student's online art portfolio give indicators of artistic progress. Please check your child's portfolio often! Of course, you may contact me at anytime to discuss your child' progress in art class at jtenbroeck@vanburenschools.net Proficient: Adjective - Competent or skilled in doing or using something.

  1. Advanced Proficient
    Challenges themselves to think creatively!
    Always uses art time and tools appropriately!
    Always has an “I CAN DO IT” attitude!
  2. Proficient
    Creates Quality work that shows they cared.
    Shows they can do all parts of a project well.
    Uses art time and tools appropriately.
    Has an “I CAN DO IT” attitude.
  3. Partially Proficient
    Needs reminders to do Quality work.
    Tries to do all parts of a project.
    Sometimes uses art time or tools appropriately.
    Has a “CAN I DO THAT?” attitude.
  4. Area of Concern
    Struggles to do quality work.
    Doesn’t do all parts of a project.
    Doesn’t use art time or tools appropriately.
    Has an “I CAN’T or WON’T DO THAT” attitude.

Art Link Library

Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists: Resources to go with the books we use in Art Class!

Picasso Head - Students can use this exciting tool to create their own Picasso style portraits!

Inside Art: - An Art History Game - Can you escape the painting?

Haring Kids - Games, puzzles, coloring pictures, and more that teach kids about Keith Haring's work!

Color Matters - See how color affects our mind and body and its use in design and art!

Art Pad - Create your own digital art work and play it as a video!

ART Express - Contains a nice variety of fun and educational artistic activities for kids.

Art Detective - Try to solve the mystery of Grandpa's painting!

Artsonia - Our school art gallery. Search "Tyler Elementary".