My name is Lori Diacono, and I will be your son’s/daughter’s speech language pathologist this year at Tyler and Savage Elementary Schools. I assess and treat a variety of communication disorders/delays, including articulation, receptive/expressive language skills, phonemic awareness skills, fluency issues and voice.

For new students being enrolled, I start speech/language therapy by collecting baseline data during a typical speech/language session. I will collect data for the next couple weeks and use it to assess progress over the year. Baseline data is also used to determine the best group for your son/daughter. Your child’s speech time will be finalized over the next few weeks and will be provided to you soon!

During the school year, I will periodically send home various activities for your child to complete with you in order to practice good speech/language skills. Please complete the activities, sign them and return them to school.

I want to thank all the parents who have been practicing the at-home speech assignments; it has been making a huge difference!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Email is generally the quickest way to contact me during the school day. You can always send a note with your child, as well, if that is easiest for you.

My Schedule

Tyler Elementary: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Savage Elementary: Tuesday and Thursday

Speech-Language Links

Your Child's Communication Skills
Typical communication skills for a child when finishing kindergarten. Taken from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association website.

Parent Resources

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Mommy Speech Therapy
This site was created for parents. It explains the special education process and provides numerous activities and ideas.

Hubbard's Cupboard
Offers free reproducible mini-books for sight words and word families.

Making Learning Fun
This free website for educators/parents is filled with a variety of activities for educating all areas of the Pre-K-1st students.

Speaking of Speech
An interactive forum for educators/teachers to improve communication skills in our schools. Activities can be downloaded for free.