WE are now accepting requests for Transportation for the 2021/2022 school year!

Van Buren Public Schools requires a completed Transportation Request Form for each student that will need bus transportation during the school year.

To complete the Transportation Request Form, please click  HERE.

If you are interested in setting up or changing transportation for the current school year, please contact the Transportation Department by email at transport@vanburenschools.net, or by phone at 734-699-5100.

We are unable to Accommodate Social Distancing Measures on our school buses

SCHOOL OF CHOICE Transportation

Parents of School of Choice students are required to provide their own transportation for their students. Our department, as a courtesy, may provide transportation for your student, based on the space availability. If you are interested in transportation for your School of Choice student, please fill out a Transportation Request Form.


Our bus stop locations change from year to year. We will assign your School of Choice student to an existing stop location within our district that will not cause overload on the bus, or additional cost to the transportation department. Your student must go to the stop location assigned by this department. If this department has to change your child's stop location, parents will be notified and we will offer another stop location. You are responsible for getting your child to and from their assigned stop location.