Starting with the 2020/2021 school year, Van Buren Public Schools will require a completed Transportation Request Form for each student that will need school bus transportation during the school year.

The form needs to be filled out online and, once completed, will automatically be submitted to the Transportation Department. You will also receive a receipt that the form has been submitted at your email address. Once your student has been assigned a route, you should receive an email notification that the form has been completed. If there are any problems with your form, a request for more information will be emailed to you. If we do not have a completed request form for a student, that student will not be assigned a bus, and will not be allowed to ride a bus. Once the request form has been completed, and transportation has assigned the student to a route, the student will be able to start riding the bus.  To complete the Transportation Request Form, please click HERE.


We ask that parents and students review our department’s rules for behavior both on the bus and at bus stops, as they are expected to understand and follow these rules. The Transportation Rules can be found HERE.


Please understand that we cannot guarantee every student will get the stop location that has been requested. Stops locations are assigned to students based on location, safety, and availability of routes. As part of our efforts to make routing as efficient as possible without sacrificing student or driver safety, student stop location and times may change as our routes are updated and adjusted. Once students have been assigned a stop, the information can be on MiStar Parent Portal. Directions for accessing this information can be found HERE.


Parents of School of Choice students are required to provide their own transportation for their students. Our department, as a courtesy, may provide transportation for your student, based on the space availability.


Our bus stop locations change from year to year. We will assign your student to an existing stop location within our district that will not cause overload on the bus, or additional cost to the transportation department. Your student must go to the stop location assigned by this department. If this department has to change your child's stop location, parents will be notified and we will offer another stop location. You are responsible for getting your child to and from their assigned stop location.