Director of School Safety

Dan Wright

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Van Buren Public Schools has made the safety of students, staff, and visitors a top priority. Our goal is to ensure that all students can thrive in a safe learning environment. The safety department will continue to develop and revise procedures and policies based on our growth mindset. 

Van Buren Public Schools have developed plans and procedures for crisis situations. Although we hope we will never need to activate these procedures, we conduct regular drills and review our plans annually. These plans are constantly being reviewed and looking for improvements if needed.

 As a department, we oversee the district’s Emergency Operations Plan in accordance with state law. We are providing ALICE and safety training to all staff and students. In partnership with outside sources, we conduct building safety and security reviews to look for ways to improve our policies and procedures. There is a focus on maintaining a positive relationship and working with our local law enforcement and first responder partners. 

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