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Dual enrollment is an opportunity for Belleville High School students to enroll in individual undergraduate courses in college-level accredited institutions and earn college credits while taking high school classes at the same time.

  • Eligibility:

    • Grades 10-12

    • Good standing and attendance at BHS

    • Self-directed and highly motivated

    • Qualifying placement test score

  • Eligible college classes:

    • Not taught at BHS

    • Academically or career oriented

    • Transferable to 4 year universities

  • Cost:

    • Van Buren Schools will cover tuition & books, up to the state allowed amount

    • If a student receives a D or E, they must repay all costs

  • When to sign up:

    • For first semester classes, February of prior school year

    • For second semester classes, October of current school year

  • How to apply:

    • See Mrs. Quick for required paperwork and contract

    • Apply online to Washtenaw Community College (many steps) https://www.wccnet.edu/start-now/high-school/dual-enroll.php

  • After you are registered at the college:

    • Bring Mrs. Quick a copy of your college schedule

      • Your class cannot be paid for without this

    • AFTER attending the first day of class, email Mrs. Quick with the exact book title and ISBN number that you need. Follow up with her about directions to pick up your book.

  • After you take the class at the college:

    • Request the official college transcript to be sent to the Belleville High School Guidance Office.

Please contact Mrs. Quick for more information: kquick@vanburenschools.net