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Spring Yearbooks are available at the end of each school year and cover all spring sports. Senior activities from Prom to Commencement will be featured on your YouTube Channel found here.  Please take this opportunity to purchase your Spring Yearbook from 2023!  There are spring also Spring Yearbooks from previous years available at LULU.com.  

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yearbook 2023 cover

Yearbook 2024


All seniors should have received a letter from Focal Point at the beginning of the summer detailing the deadlines to be placed in the 2024 Tiger Lore Yearbook. Click here for a copy of that letter.

In the event that your student does not get photographed at Focal Point, he/she should have been photographed at the beginning of the year for an ID picture when they picked up their Fall 2023 Schedule, and that is the picture that will be used in the Tiger Lore Yearbook this year.

Please contact Mr. Musser if you have any questions at mmusser@vanburenschools.net


Due 1/19/24

Senior Tribute Pages Are Your Spot To Personally Recognize Your Son Or Daughter For Everything They Have Accomplished By Graduating High School!  It Is A Page In The Back Of The Book, In Color, That Assures Your Student Gets The Recognition They Deserve For Being A Graduate Of The Class Of 2023.  See Below For An Example Of A Senior Tribute Page (This is from Last year but still shows what it is) And For Information On How To Purchase One For Your Son Or Daughter!  Click Here To Purchase A Senior Tribute Page.

Senior Tribute