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Students in the William D. Ford Program will attend classes at both BHS and The William D. Ford Career-Technical Center. Transportation is provided.

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With the rapidly changing employment market and exploding technologies our country will experience into the 21st century, it is essential that schools and industry work cooperatively toward the common goal of preparing educated, critical thinking, skilled workers.

Since its opening in 1981, the William D. Ford Career-Technical Center has aggressively served youth and adults of Southeastern Michigan by preparing over 20,000 highly skilled workers for jobs and careers with a future.

We have been successful in meeting the challenge to produce those educated, critical thinking, highly skilled workers through our:

  • State-of-the art training equipment and machinery

  • 19 technical training programs

  • Business/industry trained and State certificated instructors

  • Extensive student support services

  • Aggressive job placement

  • Business/industry coordinated training curriculum

  • Active and involved business/industry and community advisory committees

  • Supportive school board and community

We remain committed to providing high school students the best training possible. This will be accomplished by way of a hands-on approach to learning where theory is acquired through extensive practice on industry specific equipment and practical job related projects.